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Insight Solutions


Essential Services Infrastructure as a Platform

ONE Platform for Many Services

INSITE is the group that can help you accomplish this objective. 

INSITE advises, facilitates and advocates for states, municipalities and utilities interested in developing an “Essential Services” strategy, building a network infrastructure, and leveraging breakthrough technologies to create a competitive edge. Established in 2009, INSITE’S mission is to bring a complete open-architecture “essential services” infrastructure solution to its clients through all phases, including: Strategy, Funding, Design and Build, Manage, Monetize.

Our Solutions Include:

Building the business model to secure strategic and transformative investments in essential services infrastructure. Developing and implementing a strategy for monetizing horizontal and vertical wireless infrastructure and generating new revenue streams for municipalities and utilities. Providing wired and wireless broadband network planning and engineering for all levels of government. Providing energy markets support in navigating market changes, capitalizing on growth and developing new business services.

DBFOMM (Design, Build, Funding, Operate, Maintain, MONETIZE)

There are three layers to the network, and each layer has different responsibilities and uses different frequencies:  core, distribution, and access. CONTINUE READ
A Multi-Service Network is a communication architecture that integrates carrier-grade telecommunications with wireless technologies creating "next generation" networks. It is... CONTINUE READ
Leverage, monetize horizontal vertical municipal assets. Plan, Design, Construct Maintain Mission-Critical Facilities Networks CONTINUE READ


Job Creation and Enhanced Municipal Services.
Leverage and Monetize horizontal & vertical municipal assets.
One step at a time.
From beginning to the end.
Targeted Delivery of Content and Marketing Solutions.
Strategies for Data Based Digital Economies.

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